385-A Hose Rd | Moravian Falls, NC 28654
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The American Alcohollery® (Alcohol + gallery= Alcohol Art). The Alcohollery operates Holman Distillery in the Brushy Mountain foothills of the Yadkin Valley, N.C. We started our distillery in October 2015 on the premise there is a better way to make spirits. Distilling spirits is the concentration of flavors from the fermentation of sugar. Since spirits cannot be vintage dated, we made our own segment named 'Single Sugar Spirits.' Our spirits are only produced from a vintage quality sugar from a single place. Our Spur Vodka, batch one, is from 2016 Carlos Muscadine wine. We practice slow distillation to not change any flavors produced in fermentation and take our time with the separation of the alcohols. We use our family farm’s aquifer drawn water to dilute down to bottling proof. Perfected water for impressive spirits. Every part of our process is by hand. We use bottles that cannot be mechanically labeled as we hand bottle, label, and cork. We even hand screen print our boxes. From 'Dirt to Drink', we believe 'The best of anything comes from the best of everything'. We are open for tours by appointment at info@allcohollery.com or 336-921-0386. www.alcohollery.com