This morning’s photos were taken at Bass Lake in Blowing Rock. The trail around the lake is part of the Carriage Trails inside Moses Cone Memorial Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The old maples along the water at Bass Lake are currently displaying fall color earlier than most other trees at this elevation, which is around 3600 feet above sea level. You can see in the photos below that some of the old trees have already dropped some leaves, while others are showing vibrant golden hues. Still, most of the trees on the surrounding slopes are green.

The trail around Bass Lake is about 1 mile in length and is very flat. It’s popular with joggers, dog-walkers, and families. Horseback riders often access the rest of the trail network from a section of the trail, but horses are not allowed on most portions of the Bass Lake Loop. Access ramps are available from the parking lot to the trail. There is a good sized parking area, but it does fill up as the day progresses, especially in fall. An early morning visit is recommended!

Daily Fall Photo October 2

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