We got a shift in the weather today, and it felt so much like FALL. Chill breezes and misty gusts blew most of the morning, and cooler temperatures came right in. We’re looking forward to the chilly weather over the next few days as it’s just what the leaves need to develop the best color. The foliage color is getting better every day. There are plenty of places to enjoy stunning colors now, like this vibrant gold on display at Trout Lake.

Trout Lake

Road to Trout Lake
Elevation 3,800 feet

This coming week is the one to watch. “The Blue Ridge Parkway around Grandfather Mountain is peaking this week, including Rough Ridge and the Linn Cove Viaduct,” says Dr. Howie Neufeld, our local Fall Color Guy. “However, even if higher elevation sites are past peak, lower elevation sites will be coming into their best color over the next two weeks.”

More of today’s gold, which could be viewed even from the parking area: