Another blue sky day offers gorgeous contrast for the colorful foliage. With perfect weather and pretty scenes, it was another busy day, too! Lots of folks were enjoying the parks, walking the sidewalks, and visiting businesses. This season has brought a lot of people to the mountains, and it’s important to keep safety in mind when locations get busy! Remember the three Ws: wear a face covering if you can, wait at least 6 feet from others, and wash your hands often. We appreciate all the love!

The current foliage conditions, as described by Dr. Howie Neufeld, professor of biology at ASU: “the leaves are at their peak at 3,000’ and below. Above 3,500’, the peak has passed, but there is still good color out on the Parkway. Oaks are still coloring up and they are normally among the last trees to turn color.” For reference, Blowing Rock is around 3600 feet. We’re seeing some thinning of foliage in areas here, though views from overlooks are coloring up nicely and should provide beautiful views this week.

More photos from downtown: