Today’s photo is from Cragway Trail, located inside Grandfather Mountain State Park. Color is coming in nicely along the high points of the trail and at the top of the ridges.  

Cragway Trail view

View Along Cragway Trail
Elevations above 4500 feet

This network of trails inside Grandfather Mountain State Park can be accessed from the Blue Ridge Parkway via the Tanawha Trail. These are considered “east side” trails and include Daniel Boone Scout Trail, Nuwati Trail, Asutsi Trail, and Cragway Trail. The terrain and difficulty varies from trail to trail. Cragway Trail is considered strenuous and technical, with steep and rocky climbs. Nuwati Trail is easier, and has its own lovely view from Storyteller’s Rock at the end. One of the dominant plants along the top of the trail is wild blueberry, which shifts to colors of bright flame in autumn. This view of the Boone Fork Bowl shows plenty of green foliage waiting to put on some fall finery in the coming weeks!
Here are a few more views from the trail today: