As vibrant foliage color makes its way down to lower elevations, a hike along Glen Burney Trail takes you down into the displays. The trail descends 600 feet into the Johns River Gorge, ending at Glen Marie Falls around 2900′. Two other waterfalls, Glen Burney and Cascades, can be enjoyed along the way. Surrounded by hardwood forest, the hike is just beautiful in autumn.
This trail is located right in town, a block from Main Street. The trailhead is inside Annie Cannon Memorial Garden, with parking available. It starts out deceptively easy, with a wide, flat path between rhododendrons. After reaching a couple of switchbacks, the trail begins its descent in earnest. Rocky paths and exposed roots can make footing tricky, so hikers should watch their step. The trail is well-traveled, however, and isn’t too difficult to navigate. Look for signs for waterfalls to approach the bases. Hikers should exercise extreme caution at the top of all the falls, which are not fenced off in any way. The views make the hike incredibly worth the effort of the climb in and out of the gorge! The featured image is a view of the Cascades. Here are more:

View of Glen Marie from an overlook

Glen Burney Falls