Just before the rain settled in today, we took a look at the views from The Blowing Rock. This vantage point from the top of the John’s River Gorge offers a beautiful illustration of foliage color gradually moving to lower elevations as the season progresses. Of course, because the fall colors have arrived so late to the area, there is still plenty of green in these views! 

Price Park near Blowing Rock

The Blowing Rock Attraction
Elevation around 3800 feet

It’s easy to see how the color transition is concentrated along ridges, with gold hues seeming to reach down into the valley. Even though today was heavily overcast, the colors are still vibrant. The views from this point will continue to shift and get more colorful into next week.  Click through the gallery to enjoy today’s views:

Though the views are still pretty with overcast skies, the weather was much clearer at The Blowing Rock earlier this week. And because that view shouldn’t be missed, Margie Hilton – one of the welcoming folks at the attraction who is also an excellent photographer-  shared a couple of her photos from Sunday:

Though this is our last Daily Fall Photo post for the blog, there is still a lot of color to see in the area. We’ll be sure to post more scenes on our social media, so follow us on Instagram or Facebook!