With more rain today, we’re grateful that the fall foliage wasn’t farther along before it started. When we see this much rain later in the season it tends to strip the trees bare. And while there are a lot of leaves on the ground today, plenty remain on the branches, poised to put on a show as the color progresses! Today’s photos were taken just off Laurel Lane by the entrance to Broyhill Equestrian Preserve, home of the Blowing Rock Charity Horse Show. Here, a stand of small sassafras trees lit up the roadside with glowing color.

sassafras leaves with autumn color

Sassafras Leaves on Laurel Lane
Elevation 3765 feet

Sassafras trees are especially interesting because their lobed leaves can have several different shapes, all on one tree. Their autumn foliage colors are a wild mix, too, with combinations of scarlet, coral, lemon, pumpkin, and copper. It can be spotted all over Blowing Rock. 
More photos from the same spot show a view over the pasture, a knobby old tree with a lap full of colorful leaves and moss, and the sassafras trees themselves.