Areas near Green Mountain and Stack Rock Overlook are nearing peak color! The overcast skies did little to dampen the color, and kept the sun from heating up the day. We’re hoping that the rain this weekend will not be too heavy or come with too much wind, so that the color will be preserved for the coming week. To view these spots, head for milepost 303 on the Blue Ridge Parkway, near the exit for Grandfather Mountain. This is traveling south on the Parkway from Blowing Rock, which is at milepost 294.

Please use caution- vibrant color attracts large crowds! Also, if you choose to stop for a photo outside parking areas, be sure to park fully off the roadway to keep others safe. Remember that pandemic safety guidelines require the use of face coverings when you cannot keep a distance of 6 feet or more from other people.  Here are some more photos from today along the Blue Ridge Parkway:

View near Stack Rock Overlook


Approaching the bridge over Green Mountain Creek

On the Green Mountain Creek Bridge

Wildflowers are in bloom, too!

Sassafras is recognized by irregularly shaped leaves and a distinctive coral color in fall.

Don’t forget to look down to enjoy some autumn color!

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