We are getting very close to peak color here in Blowing Rock. There are a few isolated spots that are showing max color, but many look like this view on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Higher elevations, like those around Grandfather Mountain, should be showing more color. We plan to revisit that area tomorrow.

fall color in blowing rock nc

Blue Ridge Parkway just south of Blowing Rock
elevation 3580 feet

Fall foliage on Blue Ridge Parkway at Price Park

The second photo was taken right at the edge of Moses Cone Memorial Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway, perhaps a half mile from the first image spot. You can see really great color development here. The last image was taken by the Price Park Picnic Area. As you can see, it’s Fall foliage at Price Parkvery busy there as folks head out to enjoy gorgeous fall color and blue skies. The trees right around the lawns are showing peak color, while the forest on the slope above will be reaching peak color soon.

Over the next week or two, we look forward to seeing even more fall color develop all over the High Country!

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