Smaller maples in the Blowing Rock and Boone area, like those planted along streets and commercial areas, often show striking color well ahead of most trees around them. Those along Rivers Street at Appalachian State University, on the ridge behind Basil’s Restaurant, and by Doncaster Outlet all feature bright red tops right now.

These by Broyhill Park aren’t turning crimson, but they are already nearly at peak color.


autumn maples with fall foliage in Blowing Rock
Broyhill Park in Blowing Rock
Elevation 3530 feet

maple leaf fall color blowing rock

Peak color for the majority of trees at Blowing Rock’s elevation is still up to two weeks away, maybe more. It can be difficult to pinpoint, but there will be beautiful color to be found in various places across the High Country in the coming weeks. To see information about finding peak color from The Blue Ridge Parkway, see blueridgeparkway.org.

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