Today on Grandfather Mountain, bright color could be seen here and there, especially on mountain ash trees. The fruit of the tree is a clustered berry that ripens to a vibrant scarlet in the fall. The tree is fairly common in the higher elevations of the High Country, and it’s a beautiful addition to the collection of fall foliage and hues. 

Foliage at grandfather mountain's half moon overlook

Half Moon Overlook on Grandfather Mountain
elevation at pictured summit: 5945 feet

early fall foliage on Grandfather MountainWhile autumn color seems to be appearing later than in past years, there was some other foliage to be found at Grandfather Mountain. Here is a view from the parking area at the Museum. You can see that the shift has really just begun, with pops of color here and there, and the green hovering on the edge of yellow. 

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