The High Country is set to begin showing amazing fall color, now that cloudy skies have cleared. Warm tones are showing in pockets all over, and views along the Blue Ridge Parkway don’t disappoint. While driving south to Grandfather Mountain, it is evident that there are a few places where leaves were knocked to the ground by the rain and wind this past weekend. But the majority of trees have retained their leaves, and will transition soon. Local experts are saying that the best bet for finding good displays right now is in areas around 4000 feet and above. Folks at Grandfather Mountain are reporting that the outcrops there are showing peak color now.  Today’s image from Grandfather Mountain can be seen on their Fall Color Gallery, and demonstrates “the stratifying effect elevation has on fall color.”
Here’s a view from near Boone Fork Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway today, where the ridge is showing some vibrant hues:

2015 fall color on Blue Ridge Parkway near Blowing Rock NC
Boone Fork Overlook, Blue Ridge Parkway

elevation 3905 feet

While the ridge in the above photo is showing near-peak color, just around the corner, some ridges are still mostly green:
Fall color on the Blue Ridge Parkway 2015

And others, like the one in the distance from the Green Mountain Overlook, looks to be about half green and half fall foliage. As you can tell, there will be plenty to see in the coming days!

Fall color on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Blowing ROck NC

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