Today’s photo is from the top of Appalachian Ski Mountain along Flat Top Road in Blowing Rock. The elevation at this vantage point is about 3600 feet. It’s evident from this long range view that more color will be here soon. Some trees (like the yellow maple in the bottom photo, or the vibrant red one left of center in the App Ski image) are a bit ahead of the others. They always brighten up the view. Local experts are saying that this weekend will be prime color viewing for the area, especially at elevations around 4000 feet and above. There is some rain in the forecast, but it shouldn’t be anything like last weekend. The colors should be plenty vibrant through the mists, and the rain is expected to be gone by Sunday.

Fall view at Appalachian Ski Mountain in Blowing Rock

Appalachian Ski Mountain View
elevation 3677 feet

2015 fall color at App Ski in Blowing Rock NC