Today’s break in the clouds was such a welcome sight after nearly a solid week of rainy conditions! It was even better to see some bright colors lit up by the sun.
As is usual this early in the season, the most consistent color is found at the highest elevations, so today’s photos are from overlooks around 4000 feet. Here, there are large swaths of vibrant yellow and oranges, with pops of bright scarlet. Green is still a dominant color, but it’s easy to see that beautiful autumn color is developing well.

Early fall at beacon Heights Sept 30 2015

Blue Ridge Parkway at Beacon Heights Overlook
elevation 4220 feet

Colors at this view will peak in the coming week, assuming that the forecasted rain doesn’t do too much damage to foliage. Autumn color will continue to move down the slopes to lower elevations. Blowing Rock is located at 3500-4000 feet, Boone is at 3200-3400 feet, and view areas (like The Blowing Rock) look down on ridges in the 2000 feet range. So the season should be a long one!

Here some more examples of colorful pockets located near Beacon Heights:

Early fall at beacon Heights Sept 30 2015 Early fall atBlue Ridge Parkway Sept 30 2015 Early fall at Linn Cove Viaduct Sept 30 2015