Discover a series of waterfalls that drop to a deep gorge, hiking trails with incredible views, a campground, a visitor center, and a picnic area along the Linville River. The trails range from easy to strenuous. The various trails here include the short walk up Duggers Creek and more strenuous hikes into the plunge basin.

Follow the access road from the Blue Ridge Parkway to get to the public parking area. The portion of the river along Spur Road is very popular for trout fishing. The campground is located right along the river bank. Parking is at the visitor center which features gifts and accessories, and offers restrooms, water fountains, and information about both the Falls and the Parkway. Trails start at the visitor center. The shortest is to Duggar’s Creek Falls, a small but beautiful waterfall in a lush cove. Other moderate trails lead to views of the main falls and gorge. The falls are impressive, especially the lower falls, as a massive volume of water rushes into the steep gorge. The plunge basin trails take hikers down into the gorge to areas along the river at the base of the falls.

Linville Falls is adjacent to the Linville Gorge Wilderness Area, maintained by the US Forest Service. Primitive trails (not shown below) are available for adventurous hikers in the Wilderness Area, and all are rated very strenuous. Dispersed camping is available in the Wilderness Area and requires permits on certain days.

Trails: Yes

Views: Upper and Lower falls views accessed by trails

Picnic Tables: Yes

Camping: Yes

Features: Waterfall