Welcome to Mystery Hill! This local attraction has been in operation for over 70 years, and is operated by the Underwood family. Four generations of the family have worked at Mystery Hill; the current patriarch, Wayne, was 10 years old when his father, RJ, purchased the property in 1958. The previous owners had developed their apple orchard into a roadside attraction after noticing strange occurrences on the hillside. The Mystery House was the first attraction, and many other entertaining elements have been added over the years.
Today, visitors can enjoy a wild walk through the disorienting Mystery House, have fun with hands-on science, learn about Appalachian history, see Native American artifacts, and more! There’s locally-made (giant) doughnuts, fossils, and the quirkiest gift shop. The newest element is Tomahawk Hill, where visitors can try their hand at axe throwing, archery, or blow darts! All of this is located on the completed portion of the Middle Fork Greenway, connecting the attraction to others.
Matthew Underwood, a 3rd generation caretaker at Mystery Hill, is excited about the recent updates and changes, and he’s looking forward to the ones still coming. The family works to showcase the history and unique fun of the property, and you’ll find that the entire staff is enthusiastic about welcoming visitors. Matthew says that friendly welcome is something they focus on, and that visitors will always find a helpful guide nearby, no matter where they are at Mystery Hill.
Mystery Hill is open every day, year round, rain or shine, from 9am-6pm. Fun family events are a new focus at Mystery Hill, so keep an eye on their calendar.  See more at mysteryhill.com.