Welcome to neaco, the grooviest shop in Blowing Rock!
neaco has been open in town since 1998, featuring a quirky collection of gifts and decor. The owners, Keith and Russell, love having a shop in Blowing Rock- they say the small community has become like family over the years. They love seeing repeat customers, too, and say they never get tired of hearing that neaco is someone’s favorite shop (they probably hear that a lot)! Keith says one of his favorite products in the store is the Stone Booze Dispenser, and shoppers must agree because it’s their best seller ever!
“I’ve visited so many small towns over the years, each unique in their own way, but I’ve yet to find a town more special than ours. Our beauty, our cool peeps, our amazing restaurants, and of course, our variety of retail keeps our awesome visitors returning on a regular basis.” -Keith