February is the month of love. While we definitely appreciate love for one another we also felt it was important to show some love to our furry friends. Blowing Rock has some iconic pets that show up to work at local businesses day in and day out. We love our business pets and couldn’t help but gush over them a little. 

Lizabeth – Unwound

Lizabeth comes to work every day with her mom, and Unwound business owner, Colleen. She’s an eight and a half year old Dachshund, known in town as the Welcome Weenie. When Lizabeth isn’t at work greeting customers, she loves to play in the yard, pull the stuffing out of toys, sunbathe, and chase squirrels.

Lola Mae – neaco

Lola Mae loves to come to work at neaco. Her favorite spot is on the counter where she can see and be seen. She is a two and a half year old Shichon. She loves all kinds of treats, but her healthy favorite is carrots. When she’s not at work she loves to greet all people and dogs on Blowing Rock’s Main Street.  Oftentimes, when people come to neaco the first thing they ask is, “Is Lola here?”

Polly – The Green Park Inn

Polly works the front desk at The Green Park Inn. She loves to welcome customers with a wag of the tail and friendly eyes. She is a ten and a half year old English Cream Golden Retriever. Her favorite toy is some white paper. When she’s not manning the front desk, she loves to go for walks at Trout Lake.

Lena – The Blowing Rock Attraction

Lena is the head cat in charge at The Blowing Rock Attraction. She loves giving guests tours of the grounds. She is seven years old and her favorite treat is ice cream. In her spare time she enjoys sunbathing.

Turtles – The Blowing Rock Attraction

The Blowing Rock Attraction is also home to fourteen turtles of the Yellow Bellied Slider and Red Ear Slider variety. In the summer they love to play in the pond and watch the people enjoy the Blowing Rock. In the winter they live in a 1500 gallon heated tank on the property. Their favorite treat is lettuce.

Blaze Macaroni – Mountain Time on Main

B.Mac for short loves to greet customers at Mountain Time on Main. He is a one year old Malti-Poo who loves to be pet. He wears a little bowtie to work and models for Mountain Time’s social media regularly. When he isn’t on the clock he loves to be held and rocked by his mom and shop owner Claudia in their lovely rocking chairs.  

Max is held by his owner.

Max – Mountain Time on Main

Max also works at Mountain Time on Main. He greets people with a wagging tail and loves to be pet. He is a one year old rescue so his breed is not 100% certain. However, he is 100% cute. Max loves his Ratatouille chew toy and playing fetch in his spare time. 

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