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July 19, 2023

The Rosebay Rhododendrons have currently passed their peak and are in decline. Many of the petals were knocked off during the heavy rains Blowing Rock experienced last weekend. If the bush was protected from the storms, there are still some flowering portions. They tend to be near the bottom of the bush or underneath heavy overgrowth. These blooms can be enjoyed for a few more days before the season is officially finished. We enjoyed talking Rosebay Rhododendrons with you this year, and look forward to bringing you all of the flowering action again in 2024!

July 14, 2023

The Rosebay Rhododendrons are currently still at peak and likely will be through the weekend. We are seeing the preliminary signs of petal fall indicating that they will not be at peak for much longer. However, unless we experience any inclement weather, they should hold up and be breathtaking through the weekend. We recommend getting out and experiencing them in the next few days before the petals fall off too much.

July 5, 2023

The Rosebay Rhododendron are at peak bloom and probably will be for another few days. The pictures below were taken at Price Lake off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Price Lake always has an impressive show of blooms this time of year. Right now the majority of blooms are open and displaying pale pink or white in color, giving the blossoming bushes a cloudlike quality. Again, unless there is incliment weather, these blooms should be around for the next week or so.

July 3, 2023

The Rosebay Rhododendron are in full bloom currently. We think that peak bloom will happen in the next couple of days. The majority of the blossoms on the plant have now opened. The bright pink buds have opened and faded to pale pink, fluffy looking flowers. They can be viewed around Blowing Rock, on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and at Price Park.

June 26, 2023

We are just starting to see the Rosebay Rhododendrons begin to bloom around the area. Mostly it is just a few flowers opening with the full plant remaining green. Still it is definitely the start to Rosebay season and we are excited to share with you what we are seeing. Expect to see more blooms at the beginning of July.