2019 Dates: May 25 | June 15 | July 13 | August 10 | September 7 | October 5

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Our shows are rain or shine!

Rules and Regulations

Read BEFORE applying at https://www.zapplication.org/event-info.php?ID=7079

Application Deadline: January 15, 2019

Artists will be notified of their acceptance by March 5, 2019.

General Information

Media Categories -- All work must be the work of the exhibitor. All work must be original, handcrafted, created and exhibited by the approved artist themselves. Kits, imports, and mass produced items will not be tolerated.

BASKETRY: Functional and sculptural work using woven or plaited materials.
CLAY: No machine made work is accepted.
DIGITAL ART: Work in which at least 50% of the image or manipulated source material is computer generated. All work must be signed and numbered.
DRAWING: Work made with pen, pencil, charcoal, pastel or chalk.
FIBER: Work of primarily fiber including soft sculpture, batik, or painted fabric. All work must be designed constructed by the artist. No commercial, mass produced items permitted.
GLASS: Work in which the primary material is glass. No manufactured molds or other forms of mass production allowed.
JEWELRY: Made from precious and non-precious metals, gem-stones, enamel, glass, clay, fiber, etc. No buy/sell, kit or costume jewelry, or mass produced items. Jewelry may be exhibited ONLY if accepted under the jewelry category.
LEATHER: Decorative work or articles made from leather. All work must be designed and sewn by the artist. No commercial, mass produced items permitted.
METAL: Functional, non-sculptural metal work.
2-D MIXED MEDIA: Two dimensional, wall hung artwork using the combination of two or more distinct media in a collage-type manner. This category is not to be used if artwork consists of only one medium even if uniquely framed.
3-D MIXED MEDIA: Original work of three dimensions which incorporates the union of three or more media or physical materials. Use this category ONLY if work cannot be classified under another category.
PAINTING: Painted works made with oils, acrylics or watercolors. Giclee: Reproduction prints must be labeled as such.
PHOTOGRAPHY: Prints from the artist’s original film or digital files.
PRINTMAKING: Prints made by woodcuts, silk-screening, etching and intaglio.
SCULPTURE: Non-functional, 3-dimensional work of any material.
WOOD: Turned or carved.

Awards: In each show one “Award of Excellence” ($200), one “Award of Distinction” ($100) and two “Honorable Mention Awards” are presented. Only one Award of Excellence or one Award of Distinction will be given per exhibitor in each year. Recipients of the Award of Excellence are eligible to receive a free booth space in the May show of the following year. All award winners are exempt from jurying in the following year (but they still need to apply).

One artist will be selected by our sponsor as the "Featured Artist" each month. This artist will be advertised and promoted as the "Featured Artist" of the month. Sponsor holds a drawing for patrons of the festival to win $100 of this artist's work. $100 will be given to this artist by the sponsor. Subject to sponsor participation.


Please read carefully before applying.

  • Application Fee: $35
  • Booth Fee: $165 (10x10) or $330 for a double (10 x 20)
  • Special booth request fee: $35 per show* to request a specific space

Application Deadline: January 15

For a $35 per show you may request a particular booth space (or a range of spaces, in which you’d be happy with any spot in a given range of booth numbers). If your request is not honored, you will be refunded the full $35. But, if you have successfully secured and paid for a specific placement, and you cancel or “no show” after May 1st, 2017, we will NOT refund your specific placement fee.Please consult the Art in the Park Map carefully before you request a particular number. When considering the honoring of booth space requests, the committee will consider requests on a first come first serve basis along with longevity and awards.

Fees: The cost is $165 per booth space for each show. There is also a one-time per year, non-refundable $35 processing fee. And if you so choose, the special booth request fee is $35. One payment for the total amount must accompany the application. (Example: $165 + $35 + $35 = $235 to apply for a specific space in one show. Then add $165 for each additional show, and $35 for each additional placement request.)

Refunds / Cancellation Policy:  Our shows are rain or shine. The application fee is non-refundable. An application is a commitment to show. If you must cancel a show for which you are scheduled, please contact the Chamber of Commerce as soon as possible. “No calls / no shows” jeopardize their participation in future shows. We worry about you when you don’t show up, and the missing booth messes up the layout for everyone. Please be considerate and at the very least, call to cancel if you must.

If an artist cancels more than 60 days before the show date, we will refund their entire booth fee if we successfully fill the slot with someone from the waitlist. If an artist cancels between 30-60 days before the show date, we will refund half their booth fees if we successfully fill the slot with someone from the waitlist. Any cancellations within 30 days or less of the show date will not receive a refund.

Jury Requirements:  All applicants are required to submit four images of their work to participate in the jurying process (except award winners from the previous year, who get to bypass jury). You must apply on-line through this application process. All work must be the work of the exhibitor. All work must be original, handcrafted, created and exhibited by the approved artist themselves. Kits, imports, and mass produced items will not be tolerated. This rule is strictly enforced. Images must reflect work completed within the past two years. No critique will be provided. Artists are juried by category, with each artist’s images viewed sequentially on a monitor. Each category is reviewed twice. First the jury executes a quick pass through the entire category to see the entire range of applicants, then reviews each series of images from each individual artist in detail, with discussion. The artist is then assigned a score. Those with the highest scores per category will be invited to participate. A limited number of artists per category will be accepted to provide a balanced show. In addition, a score-based wait list will be maintained with cancellations filled from that list. The jury process is handled anonymously and the decision of the jury is final.

Images: Applicants must submit four images – three images of individual pieces and one of the overall booth display. No images showing the artist or signs with their name are accepted. Jurying is a competitive process and image quality counts. Consider whether your images show your work clearly. Exhibited work may be compared to submitted images, to ensure accurate representation.  Images for artists accepted into Art in the Park may be used for marketing purposes to promote the show, with appropriate photo credit given to the artist.

Wait List: We do maintain a running waitlist throughout the season. If you are waitlisted, you will receive a full refund of your pre-paid booth fees. If you are invited to join the show, you must pay your booth fees before the show date. If you do not accept the invitation, you will not be penalized in any way.

Exhibit Spaces: Art in The Park is held outdoors on a relatively level surface and booth space is approximately 10’ x 10’. Electricity is not available. Displays must be professional and aesthetically pleasing. All tents MUST be white and 10' x 10' or less. Open air booths are allowed.  WiFi is not provided. We do have free Town of Blowing Rock WiFi but the connection is often unreliable when dealing with thousands of people. There is no storage behind or around booth areas. This is strictly enforced. Artists must stick to their 10’ x 10’ space only.

Weights:  All tents must have sufficient weight to hold their tent down in the event of high winds. 500 pounds is suggested to weight your tent. Weight suggestions: gravel, barbells, and concrete filled PVC. Hollow PVC is NOT advised. Drilling into any area (the street or objects around your booth space) is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply can result in the show director requiring the artist to shut down their booth and cease all sales.

Artist Amenities:

  • Free breakfast and coffee provided (first come, first serve until it’s gone)
  • Professionally coordinated Load-in / Load-out at booth space
  • Free parking
  • Booth sitting (subject to availability)

Booth Sharing: Work of only one exhibitor may be displayed in one booth. Work produced by a two-person team is considered as a single exhibitor. There is a limit of two media per booth.

Prior to the Show: Set-up time is no earlier than 6 a.m. except by prior arrangement with the show director. Setup is not allowed the night before the show and will result in booth termination (unless specifically arranged with the show director). Exhibitors must have their vehicles completely unloaded and be in the process of setting up by 9 a.m. with all vehicles out of the show area.

Breakdown: After booth breakdown (including tent), exhibitor will receive a pass and at that time may get their vehicle. Trailers and large trucks may not enter show area until the majority of smaller vehicles have exited. All exhibitor booths must be removed by 7:30 p.m.

Restrictions: Art in the Park does not accept t-shirts, sweatshirts or any other mass produced item. Consumables (food, candles, soaps, etc.) are also not accepted. No pets or vehicles are allowed in the exhibitor area during show hours. Customers are allowed to bring pets, but artists are not allowed to have pets in their booth, as this could pose a distraction and insurance liability.  Animals may not be left in unattended parked vehicles. No alcohol is allowed on town property at any time. Disturbing foliage or nailing anything to trees or buildings is prohibited. No smoking at your booth or on American Legion Grounds.

Sales Tax: Exhibitors collect their own sales tax and remit same to state. The current NC Sales Tax rate is 6.75%. Call the NC Department of Revenue at 1-877-252-3052, or check the NC Department of Revenue website at http://www.dornc.com/faq/sales.html#registration for sales tax information.

Privacy Policy: Information submitted on the application may be used on the Blowing Rock web site and in promotional materials for Art in the Park. Information on the billing form is secure and will not be shared in any way. Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce will not share your email address or contact information in the form of mailing lists. Please contact us at 828-295-7851 if you have any questions about this.

Booth Information
Booth spaces are approximately 10' wide by 10' deep. Double booths are also available on a limited basis. Displays must be professional and aesthetically pleasing. All exhibitor tents must be white in color. The goal is to make your tent look like a “mini” art gallery. Electricity is not available. Work of only one exhibitor may be displayed in one booth. Work produced by a two-person team is considered as a single exhibitor. There is a limit of two media per booth.

Single Booth (10' x 10') - $165
Double Booth - $330
Special Booth Request (limited) - $35 per show, refunded if not honored.