Cross Country Skiing enthusiasts have been coming to the mountains for years to enjoy the snow and hone their skill. The Carriage Trails at Moses Memorial Cone Park in Blowing Rock offer 25 miles of trails that are wide and well maintained year-round. They’re perfect for cross country skiing and snowshoeing. The most popular access point is the entrance to Bass Lake which is close to town and easily accessible.  


The Parkway and park facilities are closed during inclement winter weather, which includes snow. This means that the entrance to the main parking area at Bass Lake is closed when it snows. The gravel parking lot at the top of the hill can be a place to park for cars with higher clearance. However, cars with lower clearance may have a hard time getting over the snow piled along the edge of the highway by passing snow plows. An excellent alternative option to access the Cone Trail Network is Trout Lake. 


Trout Lake is ungated, has ample parking, and small, rugged, footpaths that lead down to the trail. When you drive into the entrance of Trout Lake you’ll notice that the road is only one lane wide. Don’t let this concern you as there is a separate exit you will follow to leave, making the roads one way. The lake trail is wide, well maintained, and a gentle grade so that cross country skiing is enjoyable. From Trout Lake, cross country skiers can access all the beautiful trails inside the carriage trail network at Moses Cone Memorial Park.  


The next time we get heavy, idyllic snow, think of Trout Lake for your Cross Country Skiing adventure!