The Summit Trail at Elk Knob State Park offers a gorgeous hike and incredible, long-range views. Today, there were some nice teasers of color to come and plenty of early foliage to enjoy.  The trail is just 2 miles to the top, winding along rocky paths through forests of maple and wind-twisted beech trees. The peak rises to 5520 feet, which puts Elk Knob among the highest mountains in the area. From the top, the progression of foliage can be clearly seen, with patches of fall color among the dominant green on the slopes below. Though beautiful today, peak color is still some time away for this trail. The deep golden of beech leaves and vibrant red and orange of maples in autumn makes this hike a local favorite for fall color.  This first photo below is the view from the entrance to the park. Developing color on the ridge is contrasted against the green hill in the foreground. More photos from the trail follow!

^ At the summit ^

^ Color from the summit ^

^ View from the summit ^

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