The weather has made a definite shift from all the clear blue skies of the past week. Fall color brings warmth to all the fog and mist, however, and a hike on the Tanawha Trail at Rough Ridge Overlook doesn’t disappoint even on an overcast day! Color at this elevation (4000+ ft) is really developing now, and you’ll want to get up to the Grandfather area of the Blue Ridge Parkway in the next couple of weeks if you can.  We missed seeing the views from vantage points on the trail, but the path itself is surrounded in so much color that the hike was gorgeous.

fall color in Blowing Rock nc autumn foliage

October 7, 2017 | Tanawha Trail at Rough Ridge | elevation at summit 4773 ft

fall foliage hikes near blowing rock in the fog  fall foliage autumn color rough ridge tanawha trail blue ridge parkway 

Brigh fall leaves on a trail near Blowing Rock, NC

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