Price Park on Blue Ridge Parkway

Near Price Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway, about 3400 feet

This photo from Tuesday, October 8 shows some color developing around Price Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway around Blowing Rock’s elevation. We’ve had some much-needed rain over the last few days, and the weather has been damp, cool, and foggy since the weekend. It’s as if fall decided to arrive all in a rush, though the dominant color is still green for now. A splash of yellow and red can be enjoyed in most views. Local experts say that the color season might be a few days behind this year, due to heat and drought. We are all expecting to see some real color development over the next week or so, with peak color projected after October 15. Keep in mind though, that with our varying elevations, some spots may peak at different times than others!

This morning, as in the last several mornings, fog blanketed the higher elevations. Here are a few more images from this morning from the Blue Ridge Parkway:

Near Linn Cove Viaduct

near linn cove viaduct on parkway



calloway peak overlook


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