A walk around Bass Lake is recommended any time of year, but it’s a particular favorite in fall. When you go, you’ll want to carpool if possible, as parking at the lake can be very limited on autumn days. Today was busy, too, as the crisp air and blue skies beckoned a crowd to the trail.

The maples that line the waterside trail will often change ahead of other trees in the area. This is backward of the general higher-elevations-change-first rule, but we suspect the water makes a difference here. Today’s photo shows that the foliage on the ridge around the Moses Cone House is shifting a bit, but still mostly green, while the trees below are showing more golden tones. Even the lilypads are showing seasonal colors on the water.

Fall photo at Bass Lake in Blowing Rock NC

Bass Lake on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Blowing Rock
Elevation 3572 feet

According to Jesse Pope of Grandfather Mountain, the areas above the Blue Ridge Parkway that are traditionally the first areas to change color are starting to turn, but it’s still 4-5 days away from peak color in those areas. Overall, he says the progression has been a little slower on Grandfather Mountain than the past couple years. This week it has begun to turn very quickly, though. Daily, you can see changes to the color. Especially above 4700 ft. or so. Lower elevations are starting to get that pre-color sheen, but color isn’t widespread below 4500 ft. See the full report that he gave the local Fall Color Guy, Dr. Neufeld, by clicking here.

Here’s a view of the other side of the lake where you can see that the green is just starting to take on that “pre-color sheen.”

early fall foliage on bass lake in blowing rock nc

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