The views along the New River in fall are unparalleled, though it is still early in the season for consistent displays here. To show you how it’s coming along, here are a few photos from Railroad Grade Road in Todd, which follows the New in Ashe County. Unfortunately, rainy days don’t make great photography days, but the atmosphere of rain and mists in person is really lovely.

Ashe county fall color

New River near Todd, NC
elevation 2992 feet

The heavier rain in the forecast for the next day or two is a concern for those watching the progression of fall foliage in the area. Thankfully, the rain comes at a time when most of the leaves are still green, which means they will likely stay on the trees. According to the local “Fall Color Guy” Dr. Howard Neufeld, “When (leaves) are green, they are held more tightly on the tree, and so the rains may not knock off too many leaves… I am noticing the tulip poplars, birches, magnolias, and sourwoods plus most of the maples, really turning colors now. On a percentage basis, I’d say the hills surrounding Boone are 15% colored now… Of course, higher elevations are in a more advanced stage now, as they should be.” If you’re on Facebook, we HIGHLY recommend following the Fall Color Guy’s page: www.facebook.com/FallColorGuy

A few more photos from today. Click on any to see full-size.

early fall 2015 in Ashe County NC early fall 2015 in Ashe County NC early fall 2015 in Ashe County NC