Enjoy a nearly 180° panoramic view! Thunder Hill is one of the most popular places to view the sunrise on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Locals also flock to the location to watch thunderheads coming in from the south, and to view plenty of stars at night. And yes, it’s true that you can see the Charlotte skyline from this overlook! The best time to see it is on a clear winter morning, when cold conditions eliminate haze.

The parking area is fairly large, making the overlook accessible even when fairly busy. Views can also be enjoyed across the Parkway from the overlook. Cross the road and climb the slight rise to see a pastoral scene over the cattle fence- and maybe even a few cows! A stile gate in the fence allows the passage along the Mountains to Sea Trail, which runs closely along the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Blowing Rock area.

Trails: Access the Mountains to Sea Trail

Elevation: 3795′

Views: Very wide view, south-southeast

Picnic Tables: No

Camping: No