Sims Creek Overlook is a great access for the Green Knob Trail, a 2.3-mile loop. From the overlook parking area, a set of steps leads to the trail, first passing directly through dense thickets of rosebay rhododendron. It’s a fantastic spot to view this particular rhododendron bloom, which usually peaks in the Blowing Rock area around late June to early July. The trail itself is varied, going under the bridge and through pastures, along Sims creek, and through forests. The trail nears the top of Green Knob, so there are some sections of the trail with long climbs.
The Sims Creek bridge is an excellent spot for fall color viewing, with a pedestrian sidewalk on each side. The view is a close one, but packed with a variety of deciduous trees growing along the banks of the creek.

Trails: Green Knob Trail

Views: View of Sims Creek Bridge, pastoral views along trail

Picnic Tables: No

Camping: No


green knob trail
rhododendrons on green knob trail