Are you about to make a trip to Blowing Rock, but wondering if it would be smart to bring your pet? In Blowing Rock, we have many hotels that allow pets, and lots of restaurants with outdoor seating. We also have several shops that welcome your furry friends! Lots of shops in town will allow your pet inside, and here is a selection of local stores that encourage you to bring pets by: 


1. Take Heart 

Offering inspirational treasures, as well as some heart warming home décor, this shop welcomes pets inside and the employees enjoy loving on their four legged visitors! They usually have water bowls right outside of their door.

2. Footsloggers

Footsloggers is a local outdoor retailer that sells all types of outdoor gear, camping equipment, and much more. They are open year round, and conveniently located on Main Street. Furry friends are always welcome in this store and are greeted with a cheerful smile. They also provide water bowls inside near the register so the pups can be hydrated while the owners shop for some nice dog accessories.

3. Neaco

One of Blowing Rock’s funkiest shops on Main Street, known for having the hippest home décor and gifts. They have quite a few pet focused items and enjoy when your four legged friends join them in the store.

4. Unwound

At Unwound, you will find everything you need for your exquisite knitting and crocheted projects. The store owner has two dogs of her own that she brings with her to the store every day. So, dogs are always welcome, but the owners do appreciate the pets being secured by a leash and a little heads up that they are entering the store so they can secure their own dogs. As many other retailers that welcome pets, they have water bowls and treats to share.

5. J. McLaughlin

This innovative clothing store has many things to offer for our more traditional tourists. They have world class quality pieces and plenty of statement making hybrid prints. Outside of their store they have a water bowl for dogs to enjoy. They absolutely love when pets come into their store and even have a jar of treats by the door at the pet owner’s discretion.

6. ArtWalk 

Home to several talented in-state potters, woodworkers, local photographers and other creators of handcrafted goods. ArtWalk carries unique North Carolina souvenirs, ranging from signs to kitchen décor and even pet accessories. Pets are always welcome in ArtWalk and may even be greeted with some water and treats!

7. Almost Rodeo Drive

The oldest boutique in Blowing Rock, Almost Rodeo Drive is your one-stop shop for upscale ladies’ clothing and jewelry, home and garden items. They are open year round, so whether you are getting out of the sun or the cold, Almost Rodeo Drive is a great place to shop that welcomes pets. They also have water bowls and sometimes even have milk bones for our furry friends.

8. & 9. Tazmaraz and Funky Tulip

Another set of sister stores in town, these shops welcome your dogs and offer a specially designed shirt for sale! A portion of sales from “Dogs Rock” go to the local Humane Society. These two shops specialize in fun and funky clothes and accessories.

10. Sunset Tee’s & Hattery

Known for a great selection of souvenirs year round and a fantastic selection of local apples in the fall, this shop is a must-stop in Blowing Rock. Your pup is welcome to shop with you, and some say they have the best dog treats!

11. Monkee’s of Blowing Rock

Don’t be surprised if all the employees stop working to love on your pup! Monkee’s is a fabulous shop for the latest fashions, and known for being super friendly- they don’t hold back for their four-legged customers, either. They just might have a treat on hand, too.

12. Oliver’s on Main

Oliver’s on Main is a brand new unique shoppe born in 2022 in the heart of Blowing Rock with an outfitter/boutique feel. Thriving on a selection of local specific Blowing Rock & High Country merchandise, AFTCO outerwear, gifts, & accessories. Stop by so you and your pup can experience a fun and personal shopping experience.

13. Rustic

Rustic specializes in all things rustic and handmade. Their reclaimed wood furniture fits in a Manhattan loft as easily as a cabin. They offer, handcrafted gifts and accessories, made from natural products, that are unique to the high country.

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