Welcome to Serves You Right! at SouthMarke. This shop has continued to evolve since its opening in 1993, when it began offering merchandise for entertaining in style, as well as high-end collectibles. Over the last decade, the shop has shifted focus to a different kind of entertainment: toys, books, and games. Owner Karyn Herterich says that the changes at the shop were driven by their customers- people wanted fewer possessions and instead were drawn things that made them laugh and feel good. She feels there’s a collective effort, from people of all ages, to connect face to face with one another and take a brief respite from technology. Many also preferred to buy things for their children and grandchildren rather than themselves. The Children’s Cute-tique was born, with items by Melissa and Doug, Usbourne Books, JellyCat and Douglas Plush, and over 175 others.
Serves You Right! still has plenty for the “grownups” too. Find funny greeting cards, beverage napkins, pretty paper goods, adult and family games, and their Political 101 Boutique with the mantra “we don’t care if you love him or hate him- as long as you buy something!”
After operating both Serves You Right! and the SouthMarke shopping center for a few years, the Herterichs relocated from Miami to Blowing Rock to raise their son in a smaller, more grounded community. Nearly 25 years later, Blowing Rock is still home. Karyn has some fun stories from operating a party & entertaining shop in Blowing Rock over the years- everything from overnighting designer dinnerware for glitzy, impromptu parties, to helping with creative marriage proposals. She has loved making connections with her customers for major occasions, and delights in the little moments, too, like watching children excitedly lead parents or grandparents through the shop, discovering fun surprises.