Sky Valley Zip Tours offers different kinds of adventures for different adventurers. They have the Canopy Tour, the Whistle Pig Adventure for kids, Mountain Cat Off Road Adventure, and the Night Flight for the bravest of adventurers.

Fly Through the Canopy!

Experience the High Country from 300 ft high as you fly along Big Mama, their heart pounding 1600 ft line! The course is located on over 140 acres in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The experience starts with an ATV ride to the course, then you go to ground school, where you learn everything you need to know about the zip lines and safety protocols. Make sure you pay attention because next you’ll be flying through the air on the zipline course. The course features a cliff jump and a swinging bridge so make sure to bring your resolve with you. 

Kids Zip Too!

Sky Valley Zip Tours offers the Whistle Pig Adventure Park in addition to their adult zip lines so your little ones can enjoy the thrills as well. Whistle Pig Adventure Park invites children ages 4 and up to experience seven gravity defying zip lines, a thrilling bridge, and a 20 ft. slide all through the Appalachian forest. There is plenty of room for mom and dad to hang out below and watch all the action, take pictures, and encourage their kids. First, kids are fitted for their harness and safety gear, then they get to go offroading to get to the Whistle Pig Adventure Park. Once they’re at the park they get to fly along the zip lines and have a great time testing and building their courage.

EAV Tours!

Sky Valley’s newest adventure, Mountain Cat Off Road Adventure features fully electric 4-wheel drive adventure vehicles or EAVs. The EAVs allow drivers to tackle steep inclines and rocky paths offering an exhilarating ride for adventurers of all comfort levels. Sky Valley is home to several miles of trails to explore and each tour lasts approximately 1.5 to 2.5 hours and varies based on the size of the group. Participants must be 14 years of age for this adventure. The EAV tours are accessible for people with certain mobility impairments. Make sure to call ahead when reserving so the Sky Valley team can ensure the most accessible experience possible. 

Fly by Night!

The High Country’s only nighttime zipline, the Night Flight takes you soaring through the sky after sunset. In addition to the regular safety gear, you are fitted with a headlamp for this adventure. The platforms are lit, but as you fly across Big Mama, the 1600 ft line, there is nothing but you, the moon, and stars. The course starts with an ATV ride to ground school where instructors go over safety and how to navigate the course in the dark. Then adventurers get to jump to the first 5 platforms and end with the cliff jump. After that there is another ATV ride back to the Zip Shack where you can discuss your flight with other adventurers. The Night Flights start after dark and vary based on sunset times.

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