Each year, the folks at Traditions Pottery Studio, just south of Blowing Rock, host a special event they call the Thanksgiving Kiln Opening. Always on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, it has become a major day for pottery collectors and fans of traditional Appalachian pieces.

Most of the ceramics and pottery at Traditions Studio is fired in electric kilns, but twice a year, the old wood-fired kiln is used to create special items. At this year’s Thanksgiving opening, folks will find of Santa Face Jugs, teapots, owl mugs, chicks, cats, snowmen, candlesticks, and more! Items are created by the family potters: Lula Owens Bolick, Glenn Bolick; Ina Owens Bolick, Janet Bolick Calhoun, and Michael Calhoun. Plus, you can find the highly-collectible Owens Red pottery in the studio shop. “We wanted to offer wood-fired items for unique Christmas gifts. It’s been successful, and we’ve been doing it for over 20 years,” potter Janet Calhoun says of the event.

Be present by 10am to see the kiln unloaded and get first pick of items you’d like to purchase. Items go fast, so don’t be late! There’s live bluegrass, too. The Dollar Brothers will be on the cabin porch from 10am till Noon.

There is no admission charged for the Opening event. Shops at the studio offer even more hand-made items. To get to the studio, travel south of Blowing Rock 3 miles down Hwy 321 and take a left onto Blackberry Road. Bolick Road is about a half mile on the right, and you’ll find the festivities ahead on the left. The studio is open daily.

Traditions Pottery is owned and operated by 5th and 6th generation potters, originating from Original Owens Pottery in Seagrove, NC. See more about Traditions Studio on their website.

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