Blowing Rock is a premier tourist destination year round. In Summer we have festivals and moderate temperatures, in Fall we have colorful leaves, in Winter we have skiing. Spring is the often overlooked season that offers so much more than expected. The buds are just coming out on the trees, the air is still crisp making views spectacular, and everything moves just a little slower in Spring. Enjoy the flavors, sights, and smells that Spring has to offer here in Blowing Rock. 

  1. It’s less busy. Spring is still a slower season here in Blowing Rock. Especially if you want to come during the week. It’s a great time to visit and find that parking spot, get into those restaurants, book that hotel room, and enjoy the town outside of the busier seasons. 
  2. Seasonal delicacies. Spring means ramps, fiddlehead ferns, and more here in the High Country. There are plenty of local restaurants who have seasonal menus and want to share these delicacies with you. Some restaurants with a seasonal menu are, The Speckled Trout Restaurant & Bottle Shop, Bistro Roca, Cafe Violette, Storie Street Grille, and Gideon Ridge
  3. Fishing. Spring is Trout season here in the High Country and a great time to go fishing. Whether you strike out on your own or use a guide service such as The Speckled Trout Outfitters,  Chetola Resort’s Orvis Guides, or Mountains to Coast you can’t go wrong fishing here. 
  4. Flowers. We also start to see our local wildflowers bloom in spring. Trillium and Jack-in-the-Pulpit can be found in April and May. Use the NPS Parkway Bloom Calendar to track down what you can see at different times of the year. 
  5. Birding. Spring is when we start to see migratory birds coming back to the area for the summer as well as birds that are just stopping through on their way to different climates. The area right around John’s River Gorge is an excellent destination for birders of all stripes. 

We hope you’ll consider visiting Blowing Rock in the Spring. This way you can skip the busiest days, and enjoy all Blowing Rock has to offer in a relaxed manner.