Bass Lake is a popular spot for walking and running and it’s easy to see why. With a flat, tree-lined trail around the scenic waterside, the location is perfect for enjoying the mountain weather. At Bass Lake today, still-developing color can be seen on the slope just under Cone Manor, while many trees along the lake are showing full color or already dropping leaves.¬†

view from sunset park on Beech Mountain

Bass Lake
Elevation 3,572 feet

Many of the maples along the lake were planted when the Cone Estate was first established. These old trees put on vibrant shades of orange in the fall, but usually tend to drop their leaves rather easily (like during last week’s rains). This might be one of the best things about Bass Lake trail in fall, though: a heavy carpet of fallen leaves even as more change overhead. The sound and smell of so many leaves crunching underfoot is an extra perk for this fall hike.
We aren’t sure if the age of the trees or the proximity to water makes much of a difference in the fall color patterns at Bass Lake, but foliage there does often feel ahead of schedule in comparison to the general area. Today’s views were a mix of bare branches, full color, and developing foliage.

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