Another view from around Blowing Rock still shows plenty of green foliage, with little pops of color here and there. This morning’s images are from Appalachian Ski Mountain. 

Appalachian Ski Mountain

Appalachian Ski Mountain in Blowing Rock
Elevation at lodge around 3675 feet

Though the ski season is yet to begin, there’s no shortage of activity at App Ski Mountain. In addition to pre-season maintenance, staff are getting ready for the annual Pre-Season Sale and Swap. This year’s event is October 15 – October 24 slopeside at the Alpine Ski Shop.

In today’s photos, a few spots of red can be seen, as well as a slight yellowing along a couple of slopes. The most developed color in the area is currently at higher elevations, like those featured in the photos on October 2. We plan to check on higher elevations tomorrow! In the meantime, here’s a view of some of the slopes with the surrounding fall color just starting: