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Daily Fall Photo: October 25, 2020

A rainy, foggy day in the High Country obscures the long-range views. But there's something about dreary weather that makes fall colors feel even more vibrant. These maple leaves stand out against a muted and hazy background. The rains were gentle for the most part,...

Daily Fall Photo: October 24, 2020

As vibrant foliage color makes its way down to lower elevations, a hike along Glen Burney Trail takes you down into the displays. The trail descends 600 feet into the Johns River Gorge, ending at Glen Marie Falls around 2900'. Two other waterfalls, Glen Burney and...

Daily Fall Photo: October 23, 2020

Even a cloudy day can't hide the colors that are developing in the views from local overlooks. Here's this morning's scene at Grandview Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway. As the sign notes, the elevation at this spot is 3240'. You can see the full color on the trees...

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